What does “Reformed Baptist” mean?

Reformed Baptist churches are committed to the ideas taught during the great Reformation.. During the 16th century the reformers taught that the Bible alone is to guide the teaching and practice of the church. The earliest Baptists sought to develop that idea as they formed local churches organized according to the teaching of Scripture. We find our spiritual heritage among the Baptist churches which met in England during the 17th century.

Those churches wrote two confessions of faith, documents which gave a thorough account of their beliefs. The first of these was written in 1644. Some of the same churches wrote a more detailed confession in 1677, which was adopted by the churches in 1689. Although this document is now more than three hundred years old, we still find it to be a very accurate statement of the teachings of Scripture.

A Reformed Baptist church is one which teaches the doctrines found in this confession of faith. Consequently Reformed Baptists tend to have a strong sense of early Baptist history, which can mean that they seem different in some ways from other American Baptists.

The most significant distinctive of Reformed Baptists is Calvinistic theology. This means that we put a great emphasis on the Biblical teaching of the power of God to direct all events. We believe the Bible teaches that salvation is entirely a free gift of God, and that He exercises sovereign power not only in providing salvation, but also in the conversion of sinners. This does not make us hesitant to evangelize or preach the gospel. Quite to the contrary, knowing that God will draw men to Himself through our evangelism, we are encouraged to be diligent in proclaiming the gospel.

What you can expect to find when you visit CRBC is a serious church. This does not mean we are an unrelentingly solemn church; we rejoice in the salvation God has given us and we enjoy our fellowship together. What it does mean is that we treat the Bible seriously, seeking to understand all of its teaching and to follow it closely. It also means that we treat worship seriously, seeking to approach God with reverence and joy, glad that He has revealed Himself to us but careful to give Him the glory He deserves.

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