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Which Version of the Bible Do You Use?

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked is, “What version are you preaching from?” This reflects a deep concern shared by many evangelical Christians over the question of Bible versions. We hold the Word of God in very high reverence. It is both inerrant and infallible, because God can neither lie nor be mistaken. Knowledge of the truth it conveys is essential to salvation. We cannot afford to be following a mistranslation which leads us away from the truth God first communicated.

ESVThe English Standard Version is typically used in the pulpit at our church. That does not mean that we consider this version the only acceptable version of the Bible, nor have we suggested that everyone must follow along in the same version. (There are advantages to doing so, and other advantages to using another.) We are not critical of all those who have reached different conclusions. We live in a day of many versions, and several of them are fine translations.

However, a choice had to be made, and the ESV was chosen based on the criteria of translation philosophy, readability, and textual considerations. In other words, the translators made a great effort to be true to the meaning and, where possible, wording of the original language, they produced a Bible which flows well and is easily read, and they made informed decisions regarding the few passages in which the manuscripts do not agree.

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