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One of the most frequent questions asked about any church is whether its worship is contemporary or traditional. We all understand what we mean by those descriptive terms, but they are in a sense unfortunate. We do not believe it is a good idea to be contemporary merely for the sake of being fresh and new; neither is it right to be traditional merely for the sake of tradition.

Holy BibleMost would define our service as traditional. Preaching is the focus of the service, everything is done in a reverent, orderly manner, and the music is of an older style. However, there are many traditions in worship which we do not follow.

We believe the only worship we should offer to God is that which He demands of us. Many traditions are the ideas of men, while we believe we should do nothing in worship except that which God requires in His Word.

We want the Bible to be at the center of our worship service. In our Sunday morning worship there are typically three readings from the Scripture. Preaching, which is the explanation and application of Scripture, is the focus of our service. We believe that preaching should be central in worship because what people need most in life is to hear and understand the Word of God.

The other things which we do in worship are also those which the Bible commands us to do. Time is given to prayer in all our services, and in the Sunday evening service there is a lengthy time for corporate prayer. Along with the reading and preaching of the Bible and prayer, Scripture directs us to sing praise to God. Our services also involve singing of hymns by the congregation.

Our aim in worship is not to entertain ourselves or others, but to give God the worship He both deserves and commands. Such worship is a great blessing to those who participate with a good spirit. Their hearts are turned to God, their minds are enriched by His truth, and they go out from worship equipped to do His will.

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