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We believe that the Bible is the only rule for our faith. It is our obligation as a church to teach all that the Bible teaches, and to teach nothing else. God’s Word must stand far above any words written by men.

Confession of FaithOf course, among Christians there are many differences of opinion about what the Bible teaches. It is tempting to say, “The Bible is our only creed,” but that leaves many questions unanswered. No one investigating a church can discover whether a church teaches what they believe when it says this, because all evangelicals say the same thing about the Bible, even when they disagree sharply about what it teaches.

For this reason our church has also adopted a Confession of Faith. It is a historic document which clarifies what we believe the Bible teaches. The confession we use is the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, often called the 1689 Confession.

This document is helpful to us in a variety of ways. First, it gives visitors a way to see exactly what we believe the Bible teaches. Secondly, it is a document which collects for us the best thoughts of many men who have gone before us. Most of the mistakes men make interpreting the Bible have been made before, and we can learn from the collected wisdom of earlier ages. Third, the confession gives us direction in our study of the Bible. We make it a practice to regularly study the doctrines taught in our confession, seeking God’s Word to know His mind.

Of course if we began to view the confession as having the same authority as the Bible, it would cease to be helpful to us and would become a hindrance as well. While we remain convinced that this confession is the best statement of what the Bible teaches, we seek to approach it critically, asking of it (as of all teaching), “Is this consistent with Scripture?”

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