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Living The Christian Life

Christians were not saved merely for their own sakes, but in order to live lives glorifying to God. In order to do this well, the Christian must understand the relationship of God’s law and His grace. The bible teaches that God has established a law which all men are to follow. As sinners we fail to obey it as we should. Consequently, no one is saved by obedience, but only by the grace of God.

This does not mean that the law is of no value to us. Just because it is not the way of salvation does not mean it is useless. The law of God teaches sinners that they need grace if they are ever to be saved. The same law also shows Christians how God wants them to live. They must understand that they will never do so perfectly in this life, and that they cannot save themselves by their obedience. Nevertheless they can begin to live moral lives through reliance on God.

Ten CommandmentsGod gave many laws in the Old Testament which have no application to the world today. Laws concerning sacrifices and special diet were specifically taken away in the New Testament, while some laws governed life in the nation of Israel. God’s law also included the Ten Commandments, a set of rules intended for all people at all times. These laws are further explained in various places throughout the Bible, and they are the standard by which Christians are to govern their lives.

Living according to the law of God gives great freedom. Many teachers have attempted to create new regulations by which Christians are expected to live, but since we are focused on the laws of God, we need not concern ourselves with religious rules devised by men. This freedom gives us the opportunity to serve God with all our heart, soul and strength.

There are three areas of Christian service. The top priority is to worship God according to His commands. Beyond this, believers have a responsibility to one another, to strengthen and encourage each other according to the word. The Christian’s primary responsibility to unbelievers is to challenge them with the truth of God’s word, encouraging them to repent of sin and believe on Christ.

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