Nursery Policy

Nursery Philosophy
Although the Bible is relatively silent on the subject of very young children in worship, there is sufficient evidence that children were included from an early age, which is identified in Scripture as when they “could understand.” (Nehemiah 8:2) We believe children are able to understand at an early age, and we see great benefit in learning to worship while still young. At the same time, we do provide care outside the service for the youngest children. It is beneficial for parents to be able to concentrate on worship without needing to care for children too young to understand. Neither is it beneficial to the congregation when worship is regularly interrupted by children too young to sit quietly and listen.

Age of Children
CRBC will provide a nursery for children through two years of age. This does not mean that we require children to remain in the nursery through that age. We understand that parents will make individual decisions regarding when their children are ready to sit through the service. However, the nursery will be available to children until they turn three.

Children in the Worship Service
Children who are three or older should sit with their parents in the church service. With this in mind, we would ask everyone to try to leave the last two rows of the meeting room open for families who are training young children to participate in church.

Times of Nursery Service
The nursery will be staffed with volunteers during the Sunday morning worship service and during the midweek service on Wednesday night. When Sunday School begins, nursery will be provided for children younger than two. For the time being, mothers of nursery age children have been asked to arrange for nursery care among themselves during the Sunday evening prayer service.

Sick Children
Children should not be left in the nursery when they are demonstrating flu symptoms. They should also not be left in the nursery during the early stages of colds. Please show courtesy to other families in this regard.

Nursing Mothers
The back room adjacent to the kitchen should be left available to nursing mothers during all services and fellowship meals. If a nursing mother needs to use the nursery before the morning service or at the end of Sunday services when that room is in use, older children should be asked to leave the nursery.

Nursery Workers
The nursery is staffed with volunteers from our congregation. We maintain one nursery worker for every three children. There is always at least one adult worker in the nursery. Teenagers and older children may also serve in the nursery.

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