Frequently Asked Questions

How does your church minister to children?

We are absolutely committed to the spiritual education of our children. Our philosophy is that Christian parents have been given a great charge to educate their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. When they bring their children to us, they expect us to assist in that holy task. It is a task we take very seriously.

We believe that their first and greatest need is to understand God’s word. We certainly do not want to water down that message in any way. Our fear is that if we constantly bring the message of God “down to their level” they will never truly hear the message at all.

To that end we begin bringing our children into the worship service at a very young age. This way the may experience the fullness of the worship of God. Our prayer is that they will grow to worship Him as their parents do, in Spirit and truth. For more on children in worship, read here.

Parents are primarily responsible for the instruction of their children in the Word of God. We have a Sunday School program that is designed to supplement that instruction. The goal of the Sunday School program is to give the children an overview of the Bible and of Christian doctrine. Read about Sunday School at our church.

For younger children, read more about church nursery.

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