Frequently Asked Questions

What does your church teach?
We are committed to the teachings of the inerrant, infallible Bible. We believe in the creation of all things by a Holy God, in the thorough sinfulness of people who have rebelled against God, and in the hope that people have in God’s perfect plan of Salvation through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. Our teaching is guided by a historic confession of faith. Learn More.

Church Teachings

What does your church teach about the Christian life?
We believe that God has saved sinners entirely by His grace, and that nothing they can do will contribute to their salvation. At the same time, we understand that God expects His people to live in obedience to Him, and we believe that Christians should be delighted to live according to His laws. We teach the Ten Commandments as the standard by which we ought to live, and we encourage Christians to serve God through His church. Learn More.

Christian Life

What kind of worship service do you have?
Our worship is traditional in style. We do not try to do new things in worship, but limit ourselves to doing those things which the Bible tells us to do. For that reason our focus is on gospel preaching. We also spend time in prayer, scripture reading and singing. Learn More.


What kind of music do you use?
As part of worship our congregation sings hymns. Some of these are translations of the Psalms, and others are songs written by Christians of various eras. We particularly love those hymns which elevate our view of God and call us to worship Him with awe and wonder. Learn More.


What kind of preaching do you have?
The preaching of God’s Word is the centerpiece of our worship service. We practice what is called exegetical preaching. This means that in most of our sermons one passage of the Bible is explained and applied. In this fashion we study through books of the Bible over a period of time, seeking all the counsel of God and digging into the difficult passages as well as those we know and love. Learn More.


What does your church teach about prayer?
Prayer is a crucial part of both public worship and private devotion. Through prayer we respond to the God who has spoken to us in His Word. We make certain that prayer is a regular part of our worship services, and our Sunday evening service is primarily given to a time of corporate prayer. Learn More.


What version of the Bible does your church use?
The English Standard Version is the Bible used for preaching in our church. While some of our members follow along in other good translations, we have selected the ESV for pulpit use because it is a very accurate and readable translation. Learn More.

Bible Translations

What does your church teach about Baptism?
Jesus established this symbolic act within the church to demonstrate the power of His death and resurrection. Those who believe on Christ are to be baptized by immersion in water to demonstrate their new life with Him. We baptize those who, having professed faith in Christ, wish to join our church. Learn More.


What does your church teach about the Lord’s Supper?
The other symbolic act which Jesus established for the church demonstrates our complete dependence on His work for salvation. It is intended as a memorial to remember His death on the cross. We observe the Supper once each month. Those in attendance may participate if they have believed on Christ and if they are members of gospel-preaching churches. Learn More.

Lord's Supper

What do you mean by “profession of faith”?
“Profession of faith” simply means that a person has publicly stated that he believes what the Bible teaches about Jesus and is trusting in Him to save them from their sins. Of course, anyone who truly believes in and trusts Jesus will also repent of sin, turning from it and walking in the ways of God. Even though no Christian is perfect in this life, the change in his life should be noticeable. This means that the Christian’s faith will be evident to others. Learn More.

Profession of Faith

How does your church evangelize?
Along with worship of God and fellowship with Christians, witnessing to the unsaved is one of the priorities of the church. We encourage our members to take advantage of every opportunity to speak of Christ to their friends, families, coworkers and neighbors. We believe that preaching is a powerful tool in evangelism, and bringing people to sit under gospel preaching is a priority in our evangelism. Learn More.


How does your church minister to children?
We believe that children are just as much in need as adults of the Good News of Jesus, and it is a priority to teach them that Gospel. We encourage parents to teach their children the truths of the Bible from an early age. We provide a church environment in which families can worship together, and our Sunday School is designed to support parents by providing further instruction. Learn More.


How is your church organized?
Our church is made up of members who have professed faith in Christ and who have committed themselves to our local congregation. Two groups of officers are chosen from among those members to lead the congregation. The elders are the group responsible for the spiritual leadership and teaching of the church. They are the ultimate authority under God in the church. The other group of leaders is the deacons, who take charge of the business affairs of the church.


What do you mean by “church membership”?
Our members are men and women who have believed the message of the Gospel and who have committed themselves to living according to the teachings of Christ. Since Christianity is not meant to be practiced alone, they have further committed themselves to this local church as the organization within which they have an opportunity to worship God, to strengthen one another, and to witness to others. Learn More.

Church Membership

Where and when does your church meet?
Christ Reformed Baptist Church is currently located in the western suburbs of Milwaukee. On Sundays we meet at 11:00AM, as well as later that evening for our church prayer meeting at 6:00PM. Our midweek service is on Wednesdays at 7:00PM. For your convenience we have put a map to our church online. Learn More.


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