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William Halliburton III (Elder) was born in Wisconsin and have lived here all of my life. I have been married for almost forty five years to the same Lady; ‘the woman of my youth’, her name is Sandi. We have two sons, two daughter in laws, and five grandchildren to which in deed, have become my crown. My wife and I were converted to Christ in 1975 and we have become reformed in our doctrinal convictions since 2004. We looked into a church plant that was started in West Allis, which was planted by Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Rockford Illinois. My wife and I started attending their afternoon sessions in 2004 and, through God’s Providence; we also started attending services in March of 2005. My wife and I joined that fellowship and when this fellowship constituted in September of 2007, Sandi and I joined Christ Reformed Christ Reformed Baptist Church. The following year I became an Elder and Associate Pastor. As of late, I am the sole Elder, Pastor seeking to ordain other qualified men whom the Lord would have. I truly enjoy helping people with their doctrine, and helping them to grow in grace. My wife and I also, love to sit down with other couples; to talk and to disciple them concerning the gift of marriage. My wife also loves all the opportunities to help disciple the children at Church. Apart from Church, Sandi and I also, have become West Allis Police Reserves in 2013; so as, to be involved in our city, to lend a helping hand and to support the West Allis Police Department, and to volunteer with some of the many activities that the city of West Allis has to offer.

Noah Olguin (Gifted Brother) is a native of Wisconsin. He graduated from Regent University School of Divinity with a Master of Theological Studies. He is married to his wife Katrina, and they have three children.

Michael Beatty (Pastoral Intern) is a native of Nebraska. He graduated from Westminster Seminary California and Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies.

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