Church Leaders

William Halliburton III (Elder) was born in Wisconsin and have lived there all of my life. I have been married for almost forty five years to the same Lady; ‘the woman of my youth’, her name is Sandi. We have two sons, two daughter in laws, and five grandchildren to which in deed, have become my crown. As I was becoming more Reformed in my doctrinal convictions, I looked into a church plant starting in West Allis, which was planted by Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Rockford Illinois. My wife and I started attending their afternoon sessions in 2004 and, through God’s providence, started attending services in March of 2005. My wife and I joined that fellowship and when this fellowship constituted in September of 2007, Sandi and I joined Christ Reformed Christ Reformed Baptist Church. The following year I became an Elder and Associate Pastor. As of late, I am the sole Elder, Pastor seeking to ordain other qualified men whom the Lord would have. I truly enjoy helping people with their doctrine, and helping them to grow in grace. My wife and I love to sit down with other couples; to talk and to disciple them concerning the gift of marriage. My wife loves all the opportunities to help disciple the children at Church. Sandi and I also, have become West Allis Police Reserves in 2013; to be involved in our city and to volunteer in some of the many activities that the city of West Allis provides.

Noah Olguin (Gifted Brother) is a native of Wisconsin. He graduated from Regent University School of Divinity with a Master of Theological Studies. He is married to his wife Katrina, and they have three children.

Michael Beatty (Pastoral Intern) is a native of Nebraska. He graduated from Westminster Seminary California and Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies.

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