• Audio PodCast
  • http://crbc.us/podcast.xml
  • We are pleased to introduce our new podcast feature. It is our hope that it will enhance and simplify the download and use of our Sunday and midweek sermons. If you are already familiar with podcasting, you may skip the introduction and scroll to the bottom of this page to get started.
  • What is a podcast?
  • Podcasting makes an audio file, typically an MP3 file, available online for downloading via an automatic "feed" or subscription. You can hear the podcast at your convenience, through your computer's speakers. Some MP3 players such as iPod are also able to play podcasts as well
  • Are podcasts free?
  • Our podcast service is free. The only cost is time -- in downloading the software.
  • What do I need to get started?
  • To subscribe to our podcast, you are going to need some software that is actually quite handy, and it's also free. After it's set up, the software will handle downloading our sermons for you automatically, it will also organize the sermons and keep track of them in a sort of catalog on your computer.
  • Itunes There are various brands and types of podcast software, but we strongly recommend that you download iTunes. It works on both PC and Mac, and again - it's free. It will take a few minutes to download, perhaps over a half-hour if you have a slow internet connection, but this set up process is a one time thing. Go ahead and install iTunes now, and then continue with the next step.
  • I have iTunes installed, now what?
  • Now that you have iTunes set up, follow these instructions for feeding it our podcast.
    1. Highlight this web address (URL) and copy the text, (right click on the highlighted text and select copy). http://crbc.us/podcast.xml
    2. Then go to iTunes and in the horizontal menu at the top, click "Advanced".
    3. After the drop-down menu displays, click on "Subscribe to Podcast...".
    4. In the URL prompt box, paste the URL you copied (right click in the box and select paste).
    5. Hit OK and you have successfully subscribed to your Podcast!
  • Once the podcast initially updates, you can click on the triangle located next to the podcast in iTunes, this will display our sermon files available for download. If you start up your iTunes software once a week or so, it will take care of updating you with the latest audio sermons.