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What We Teach About The Lord’s Supper

Before He died Jesus instituted the practice of the Lord’s Supper. As He ate bread and drank wine, He urged His disciples to repeat this practice regularly, and when they did so, to do it in remembrance of Him. Later on the Apostle Paul repeated this story in I Corinthians, giving instructions to the church of how the Supper should be observed.

Lords SupperJesus’ intent was clear: He was using bread and wine as symbols of His body and blood which were about to be offered to satisfy divine justice. God is a just Judge, and we cannot expect that He will simply ignore sin. Jesus, who had committed no sin, gave Himself up as a sacrifice, accepting the penalty for His people’s sin, so that they would not have to be punished for it themselves.

He gave the church this ordinance in order to remind us that His sacrifice was both tangible and personal. His body was broken, and His blood was shed. This act of Christ is the focal point of all true religion, and lest we forget that, we were given a way to remember it together in worship.

Because this ordinance represents believers taking spiritual nourishment from the death of Christ, only those who have believed on Christ are to take part in it. For this reason CRBC invites only those who have made a credible profession of faith to join in the Supper.

Furthermore, the Supper was intended for the church to practice together, and we believe it is meant for those Christians who have joined together with others in the church. While we do not restrict participation to those who are members of our church, we only offer the Supper to those who are members in good standing at churches which preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We understand that circumstances can exist in which someone is not a member of any church, but is actively seeking membership. In those cases we ask that those who wish to participate in the Supper speak with one of our elders prior to the service so that we may hear your profession of faith.

Currently CRBC has the Lord’s Supper during morning worship on the first Sunday of each month. If you will be visiting with us on that day, and if you are a professing believer and a member of an evangelical church, you are welcome to partake in the Supper with us. If you are not a member of any church but wish to participate, please contact us so that one of our elders can speak with you before the worship service.

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