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Prayer is one of the special privileges that God has granted to His people. They have the opportunity to approach Him not as a servant approaches a master, nor as a criminal approaches a judge, but as a child approaches a father. Every Christian should regularly spend time talking to God in prayer.

Some struggle with this idea because they do not know what to say. The Bible is full of examples of prayer, most significantly the Lord’s Prayer, which is really a pattern to show believers how to pray. There are four basic types of prayer, all of which should be part of the Christian’s regular prayer:

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Praise: To praise God is to speak of His greatness. It is essential in prayer to tell God what you have seen of His majesty and goodness. In this you may train your mind to be more focused on the character of God in your prayers.

Thanksgiving: It is important to thank God for the things He has done for you. Christians should thank Him both for the spiritual blessings they have in Christ and for the physical blessings they enjoy in this earth.

Confession: Sins are to be confessed directly to God, not to a priest or counselor. God has promised to forgive sins, but calls on us to ask forgiveness. The Christian ought to ask God to forgive his sins and to give him strength to renounce those sins and live righteously.

Requests: God encourages His children to ask for all good things from Him. Do not hesitate to ask God to grant you what you need, confident that He is a faithful Father who will not withhold anything from you that is necessary.

Just as it is essential for individual Christians to pray, prayer is one of the requirements of public worship. We pray in all of our worship services, and our Sunday evening service is given primarily to prayer. In that meeting we pray for the needs of various members of the congregation as well as for the advance of the gospel and the mission of the church.

We believe that it is not only the responsibility of the leaders of the church to pray, so this meeting is designed to allow many to voice the prayers of the congregation. At the same time, we believe that God has specifically called on the men in the congregation to pray ( I Timothy 2:8I Timothy 2:8 ), so it is our practice for men to lead in prayer.

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