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Membership At Our Church

Christians are not merely persons who have been saved, they are children of God, and their Father has certain expectations for how they will live. He has given three responsibilities to each of his children: to worship Him, to strengthen one another, and to tell others about Him. None of these responsibilities can be met working alone. For this reason, Christ established His church, and Christians are expected to join together with others within it to do the work that has been given them.

When a person joins a church, he is committing himself to work alongside the other members of that church. Membership implies a commitment to be present at worship so that the church might serve God fully. It implies a commitment to fellowship so that members of the church will not be without the help and encouragement which they need. It implies a commitment to the gospel, so that the church may contribute to the expansion of God’s kingdom.

Clearly, then, a church must be very careful about its membership, just as Christians should take great care in joining a church. Those who would join together to do these important works must share a whole-hearted commitment to Christ and to His church.

This is why the Bible speaks of receiving one another and at times of putting individuals out of the congregation. The church is meant to have an established membership, and Christians are to seek membership in a local church. That way the church can serve its members as the members serve the church.

We take church membership very seriously. We do not offer church membership to new visitors of our church. Rather, we encourage visitors to worship and fellowship with us for a time. This gives them the opportunity to get to know us better and determine if they really wish to be a part of our congregation. It also gives us the opportunity to know them and to observe a credible profession of faith on their part.

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