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How Does Your Church Evangelize?

EvangelismEvangelism is one of the main duties of the Christian. His first duty is to worship God, and then he is to build up the people of God and witness to the lost. Some have accused Reformed churches of not evangelizing, either because they have misunderstood our theology or because we do not witness in all the ways that other churches do. Taking the news of the Bible to the lost is one of our priorities.

We believe that God must draw sinners to Himself and that without His calling them no one can come to God. On the other hand, we do not presume to know whom God will save or whom He may be drawing to Himself. Instead, our duty is to proclaim the need of salvation and the good news of Christ to all.

What troubles us about much of the evangelism in the church today is that it seems to communicate something which is not true: that people have within themselves the power to be saved. Evangelism which suggests that conversion is a simple matter of saying a few words, that no change in life is necessary or expected, or that being saved depends on the individual is not good evangelism. We shy away from most evangelism programs for this reason.

After all, programs are not really necessary. God has placed each of us in the midst of many people, some of whom are unbelievers. Our friends, neighbors, co-workers and families will all face Christ one day, and all need believe on Him now. The circumstances of our lives are such that we already know the lost, and if we have any love of our fellow man, we know them well enough to communicate with them. Our duty, then, is to challenge them with the claims of the gospel and to urge them to repent and believe.

One of our goals in evangelism is to encourage others to come to church with us. It is primarily through the preaching of the gospel that God saves sinners. Consequently, we love to see non-believers in our midst during worship, and our regular prayer is that they will be convicted by the preaching of God’s law and drawn by the preaching of the gospel. It is in this manner that the kingdom of Christ will grow.

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